Collège des Hautes Études en Médecine

First player for continuing education among healthcare professionals in France, CHEM has entrusted Prospek the creation of a new brand image. branding of CHEM needed to be revisited to be more in line with its vision of development outside France and its multidisciplinary turn.

The logo of CHEM is based on 3 principles: the credibility of the organization, its historical character and modernity preferred teaching methods. This brand image is universal: the typography is reminiscent the major scientific journals and the medical caduceus allow to evoke the sector of activity of the organization among health professionals who do not know the brand. The blazon, a strong institutional symbol, conveys the values ​​of rigor and impartiality, while reinforcing the historical character of the organization. The cross, for its part, suggests the medical sector, but also the “plus” symbol, which evokes the notion of improving knowledge.

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